Geocaching in the national park

Geocaching for the sake of nature

Geocaching enthusiasts enjoy being out in nature and, like all nature lovers, are welcome in the national park. For the love the animals and plants, only search from the path - there are no caches away from them anyhow - and observe a few rules.

for geocaching keep on trail © P. Rau
for geocaching keep on trail


A treasure hunt off the paths quickly leads to damaged plants and stressed animals. So there are a few rules for geocache enthusiasts.

The location ot the cache

1. No caches in the Core Zones. Unfortunately, too often in the past, there were well-trodden dirt trails leading off the paths and around the caches. Therefore, caches are generally no longer permitted in our highest protection category, with the exception of the EarthCaches, which follow the rules on keeping to the paths.

2. Caches hidden away from the paths are not permitted in the Development Zone. Caches should only be placed directly on or by the path. One foot must always stay on the path.

3. Caches are not permitted in any body of water, on the beach or in dunes.

4. Out of consideration for the animals, searching for and publicising night caches is not permitted under any circumstances in the entire Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park. Many animals need quiet at night to search for food or sleep undisturbed.

5. No animals may be disturbed and/or vegetation damaged. This also includes standing and lying dead wood. Many “residents” of the national park make it their home.

6. Hiding geocaches in breeding birds' nesting sites and caves and in trees (eg in the crown) is not permitted.

The Cache

1. The following must not be in the cache: Food or strongly scented objects that may attract animals.

2. Containers should be used that can neither be swallowed nor eaten by animals (eg no soft plastic).

3. The container used must be clearly legible on the outside and labelled with the term "Geocaching".

The official caches that have been checked by the National Park Authority can be found at They lead to interesting places in the national park. Best of luck with the search!